Keep Woodland Park Beautiful

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About KWPB


Originally founded in 2002 by area residents David Bryant and Bryan Kochis, and thanks to the great support of then Councilman Phillip Mella & then city Code Enforcement Officer John Hanlon, Keep Woodland Park Beautiful became an officially recognized chapter of Keep America Beautiful, and city recognized committee in 2004

Our passion then, and today, is to highlight, keep, and enhance the beauty of Woodland Park, Colorado and the surrounding region, and to encourage all area citizens to join us, whether it be picking up litter, planting wildflowers, restoring run down properties, or showcasing the phenomenal area beauty through photography, art, music and the written word.   We live in a truly special place.


Though KWPB's official mission statement is...

"To aid in the protection of the City of Woodland Park's community, wildlife, and natural beauty by reducing the accumulation of litter, junk, refuse, and rubbish while promoting the responsible handling of trash, refuse, and solid waste through education, enforcement, and an active community participation."

...we do much more than that!  KWPB currently has 3 sub-committees:

  • Community Education and Awareness
  • Beautification and Community Improvement
  • Litter Prevention and Waste Reduction

We are interested in all aspects of community beautification and improvement as well as waste reduction & recycling!


KWPB's committee allows for up to 9-15 volunteer members.   If you would like to join our committee, we invite you to dowload & fill out the linked application below.  When openings are available, applications will be reviewed.  If you would like additional information, we invite you to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Here's the application...

City of Woodland Park Board Application (PDF)

Memorial Lake and Park, downtown Woodland Park, CO


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