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Bear Aware Drawing Contest Winners 2014

Congratulations to all our Columbine Elementary winners & participants in the 2014 Bear Aware Drawing Contest! You can view all the winners by clicking the picture below!


Bear Aware Drawing Contest Winners 2013!

Congratulations to all our Gateway Elementary winners & participants in the 2013 Bear Aware Drawing Contest!  You can view all the winners by clicking the picture below!

Each participant received a "Be Bear Aware" coloring book and "Keep Colorado Bears Wild Bracelet."  Thanks to Lisa, Lois, Anna and everyone else KWPB and Gateway Elementary for their help and support.   And a special thanks to Tonya and Colorado Parks & Wildlife, and Alyssa Meier, our very own "Bear Aware Extraordinaire" for getting the ball rolling in a HUGE way in our community!

If you would like to learn more about Woodland Park Bear Aware, please visit







The Bears Are Awake!

It's another early Spring this year, and the bears will soon be out.   And because it's been so dry, chances are the Spring food supply will be scarce.  That means bears will be looking for trashcans.  

Problem is a "fed bear is a dead bear".  Once they start eating trash, they won't stop.  They become habituated (used to humans), and they become bold .. and can be very dangerous (especially if it's a mother with cubs) and destructive (a bold bear will break into a house or car if they see an opportunity for food).  

So please take the time this Spring to secure your trashcans.  This is a GREAT first step.  Get them in garages or a shed or behind a fence if you can.  Or consider building a "bearbox" for your cans (I built mine 10 years ago with plywood and 2x4s... and it's still getting the job done!  Here's a couple pics.)


 IF a bear gets into your trash, please pick it up.  Even if it's blown off your property, or across the street, or into a ditch.   Your neighbors will appreciate it.  So will the bears.  And it can help you avoid fines.   If you have any questions, comments, or are looking for additional suggestions, feel free to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  We're happy to help.  Or check out the great online resources from the Division of Wildlife ... LIVING WITH BEARS.


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